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<p>Animation Arts' classic PC point and click adventure, Lost Horizon, is being ported onto mobile this summer in cooperation with Deep Silver Fishlabs.</p><p>Lost Horizon is set in Hong Kong in 1936 and features Fenton Paddock, an ex-British Air Force pilot turned smuggler and crook, who receives an offer to find the lost members of an expedition in the highlands of Tibet.</p><p>This expedition was led by an old friend, Richard, so Fenton heads out into the highlands with his ex-girlfriend Kim to find him and the rest of his team.</p><p>Meanwhile, the Nazis have sent a small force into Tibet that are also charged with finding the lost team. They obviously discovered something good, if such a fuss is being made of finding them.</p><p>The mobile port includes new voice-overs for all characters in both English and German.</p><p>Lost Horizon is headed towards iOS in July with the Android version set to follow shortly.</p>.


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