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<p>Ubisoft has announced that its arcade racer Driver Speedboat Paradise will be out for iOS and Android this April.</p><p>We already knew about this aquatic take on the reckless driving game series due to it being soft-launched at the end of last year.</p><p>You play as a young powerboat driver who is convinced by the Driver series's most recognisable face John Tanner to makes waves with the mafia.</p><p>You'll be performing stunts, using nitro, and splashing around with criminal kingpins on what Ubisoft reckons are realistic waves. That's important, apparently.</p><p>As you progress through the races, there are upgrades and ship parts to earn to kit out your speedboat, as well as entirely new ones to buy and paint.</p><p>It's a free to play game so there has to be some cosmetic upgrades, c'mon! Anyway, that's it for now, go rev an engine or splash in a puddle to celebrate.</p>.

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