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<p>Miitomo reached three million users yesterday, Nintendo announced. This mustn't be read as three million users in less than 24 hours, as it already got one million users when it launched in Japan. Still, it has added a substantial number of users with its worldwide launch.</p><p>Thanks to its Miifoto app, users are sharing pictures all over the Internet and some have gone viral, helping the popularity on the app.</p><p>In a not so surprising move, the App has been featured on both the Play Store and the App Store and topped the free apps chart.</p><p>Nintendo has talked with IGN on the app's future, explaining that more updates are on the way. Some will just add new questions and costumes but we could see some surprising changes to the app according to Bill Trinen.</p><p>Nintendo is also not changing their plans and its second app will feature a well-known IP and will actually be a game this time around.</p><p>[Source]</p>.

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