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<p>You've seen brain training games, you've seen puzzlers, but it's been a while since the two have been mixed together. Tentis is an odd combination of both, and it’s due out later this month.</p><p>Tentis is a match-three puzzler complete with a little bit of maths-solving. It sounds odd but it's really quite intriguing. Each card has a number and each number has a colour. In order to complete the task at hand you've got to group three or more cards to match them, some of which have to be achieved by adding two cards together in the right direction.</p><p>With 132 puzzles over 26 levels there's an awful lot to play with here.</p><p>Before its release on August 31st, developer David Choi is running an open Beta on both iOS and Android, and you can find the instructions on the forum page here.</p>.

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