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<p>EA and Popcap has released a new Bejeweled game today to celebrate the franchises' 15 year anniversary.</p><p>Entitled Bejeweled Stars, it's been three years in the making and has overhauled gameplay completely, adding new challenges, powerups and obstacles.</p><p>You can also discover and unlock charms which are basically emotes, then trade and share them with your friends.</p><p>Much like Peggle 2, there are several unique characters - like a cat and a horse - stood to the side of the grid with their own mannerisms and expressions, potentially opening up some story possibilities.</p><p>You can also collect various tokens which are used on the grid to various different effects, such as an exploding Flame Swapper which sets off a chain reaction.</p><p>You can view the full trailer in all its shiny, dazzling, gooey glory below.</p>.

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