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Update at 13:12 on 16.07.2020<p>Tales of Crestoria's servers are now live, allowing players to begin their adventures.</p>Update at 12:50 on 15.07.2020<p>Tales of Crestoria can now be downloaded ahead of its servers going live at a late date.&nbsp;</p>Original story at 14:42 on 14.07.2020<p>Following the announcement of a delay last month, it looks like Tales of Crestoria is soon set to launch.</p><p>"We are currently in the final stages of the Japanese and English versions of the game and plan to launch it in the near future. The profound story experience revolving around the keywork "Sin", and above all, the long awaited day that Kananta's adventures will begin will soon be here," shared Producer Tomomi Tagawa on the game's official Twitter account earlier today.</p>.

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