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mod lucky block 1.8(APK v2.8)

<p>AppyNation's latest iOS game is Dr. Quizington, a trivia and adventure game in which you'll attempt to find the source of the River Nile.</p><p>Yeah, good luck with that - you do realise that top scientists spent years trying to complete that task. The apparent source of the Nile is still up for debate, too.</p><p>But, hey, at least you get to travel around Africa in the 19th century with a band of kooky companions.</p><p>You'll also need to answer thousands of multiple choice trivia questions to succeed in your many quests, piecing together an ancient map, too.If you think you've got enough knowledge and know-how to help Dr. Quizington, download the game for free on the App Store.</p><p>Oh, and send me a postcard, won't you?</p>.

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com.sigmateam.mod lucky block

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