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VIP unlockedUnlimited coinsUnlimited gemsAds removed�

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2、�Android 遊戲下載网"Oh, I don't mean that I didn't want to come," protested Leslie, flushing a little. "I--I've been thinking of coming--but it isn't always easy for me to get away."

3、�The northern sky was amber and pale green over the fir tops. The air was cool, for August was nearing September, and Leslie wore a crimson scarf over her white dress. Together they wandered through the little, friendly, flower-crowded paths in silence. Owen must go soon. His holiday was nearly over. Leslie found her heart beating wildly. She knew that this beloved garden was to be the scene of the binding words that must seal their as yet unworded understanding.

4、"`When do you expect her?' says I.�

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3、�For she was sought by spirits of richest coat,


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